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December 15th, 2016: Cantor in KDE Applications 16.12

Cantor new version was released with KDE Applications 16.12 bundle. This version has an interesting new backend and several bugfixes. The main changes are:

  • New backend: Julia, developed by Ivan Lakhtanov during his GSoC 2016. More infos in Ivan's blog;
  • Fix syntax highlight of strings and comments in Python backend;
  • Introducing a new feature: recommended programming language version in backend description;
  • Fix the crash after close a session of Python, Scilab, or Julia backends;
  • More robust version check of Sage.

A few more bugs were solved too. Read the complete changelog for this version of Cantor in KDE Applications 16.12 Full Log Page.

Happy Holidays!

August 18th, 2016: Cantor in KDE Applications 16.08

The new version of Cantor was released with KDE Applications 16.08 bundle. Most of the changes were implemented during LaKademy 2016.The main changes are:

  • libcantorlibs is using the same version number used by KDE Applications bundle;
  • Fix tab-completion when the completion is selected using the mouse;
  • Support to Sage > 7.0 version;
  • LaTeX rendering is back to Sage backend;
  • Fix the crash when Sage backend is closed;
  • Add new commands to the list of plot commands in Octave backend.

More bugs were solved too. Read the complete changelog for this version of Cantor in KDE Applications 16.08 Full Log Page.

July 23th, 2016: LabPlot integration with Cantor

LabPlot, software to data analysis and visualization, brings a new and cool feature in his 2.3.0 version: integration with Cantor.

That integration was implemented by Garvit Khatri during GSoC 2015. Now LabPlot users can perform calculations in some programming language supported by Cantor and do the plots, all it directly in LabPlot.

That is possible by the use of libcantorlibs, a set of widgets and libraries to bring the Cantor worksheet, panels and assistants to the software.

Currently LabPlot supports Maxima and Python backends, but more programming languages will come in next releases.

Thank you to Garvit Khatri and Alexander Semke for bring this feature to LabPlot, for use Cantor to do it, and for the fixes and improvements developed by you and implemented directly in Cantor.

Read more about this feature in LabPlot 2.3.0 release announcement.

April 22th, 2016: Cantor in GSoC 2016 - Backend for Julia

Cantor was accepted to Google Summer of Code 2016!

This year we have a Russian student working with us, Ivan Lakhtanov. His project is develop a backend for Julia. If you want to follow the work of Ivan, please keep your eyes in his blog.

Have a good work Ivan and welcome to Cantor and KDE!

April 20th, 2016: Cantor in KDE Applications 16.04

The new version of Cantor was released with KDE Applications 16.04. The main changes are:

  • Now Cantor is using the version number of KDE Applications version;
  • Support to Sage > 6.5 version;
  • Fix Octave tab completion;
  • The authors will update Cantor website to inform the news of the project;
  • Filipe Saraiva is the new maintainer.

The complete changelog of Cantor can be read in KDE Applications 16.04 Full Log Page.

We would like to improve the Cantor development, calling developers to coordinate the bugs hunt and the development of new features. Wait for more news soon!

October 1st, 2009: Cantor in kdereview

Cantor is now in kdereview in order to be peer-reviewed before joining KDE-Edu for the KDE 4.4.0 release! you are encouraged to try it and report any problems to the author.

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