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Kig Macros

Since Kig can import and use third-party macros as built-in objects, it can have new objects, being more and more powerful.

Once you have a macro file, you can import it into Kig using one of these instructions (tailored for a typical Linux system):

Local installation
Install a macro only for the user which installed it: in Kig, select Types -> Manage Types, click on the Import button, select the macro file(s) you want to import, and you're done.
Global installation
This requires the root privilegies! Install a macro for every Kig users on that machine: place it in $KDEDIR/share/apps/kig/builtin-macros/. The new macro(s) will be available in Kig the next time you start Kig.

# of
Name Description Author License File
1 cirkel A circle BTP constructed using the circle BCP Dominique Devriese GPL circleBTP_by_circleBCP.kigt
1 ConicByLocus A conic constructed as a locus Dominique Devriese GPL conic_by_locus.kigt
1 ConicCenter The center of a conic Dominique Devriese GPL ConicCenter.kigt
1 LineConicMainAxis The main axis of a conic Dominique Devriese GPL LineConicMainAxis.kigt
1 LineConicSecondAxis The secondary axis of a conic Dominique Devriese GPL LineConicSecondAxis.kigt
1 Translatie Mirror a point using the translation Dominique Devriese GPL mirrorpoint_by_translationpoint.kigt
  1. Baricenter
  2. Circumcenter
  3. Gauss Segment
  4. Incenter
  5. Inscribed circle
  6. Ortocenter
  1. Baricenter of a triangle, given the vertices
  2. Circumcenter of a triangle, given the vertices
  3. Gauss Segment of a triangle, given the vertices
  4. Incenter of a triangle, given the vertices
  5. Inscribed circle on a triangle, given the vertices
  6. Ortocenter of a triangle, given the vertices
Noel Torres Public Domain triangle_centers.kigt
2 star5 - star5b Two different ways to construct a star. Maurizio Paolini GPL starswith5points.kigt
  1. TropicalLine1pt
  2. TropicalLine2pt
  3. TropicalLineLineIntersection
  4. TropicalConic
  1. a tropical line constructed using its centre point
  2. The stable tropical line passing through two points
  3. The stable intersection of two tropical lines, to select a tropical line, select its centre point
  4. Stable Conic Passing through 5 points
Python script These macros require a Kig version with the Python script.
Luis Felipe Tabera
<lftabera AT yahoo DOT es>
GPL tropical_geometry.kigt

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