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Creating Vocabulary Files

Parley and KWordQuiz use the same XML data file format called kvtml. To some extent these files also work with KHangMan and Kanagram.

Programs exporting kvtml Files

  • You can create a kvtml file using KWordQuiz. You add the back and front for each cards and then you save your data. It will be saved using the kvtml extension.
  • We suggest to use Parley. Parley offers a wealth of editing possibilities without being too difficult.
  • Please see here for an example of a kvtml file if you want to create one with an editor.

More Resources

For a closer look at the filesharing features of KDE Education applications and the kvtml file format please visit following techbase wiki pages:

copyright symbolCopyright Issues

There is another thing you should keep in mind when using data from books or similar: copyright violation. As a rule of thumb you might say that individual word translations can be used from books but not entire sections (The data isn't copyrighted but the collection of data is). Also books out of copyright can be used for data (in the US this means mainly pre-1923 books). Have a look at project Gutenberg at Projekt Gutenberg-DE (German site), or www.gutenberg.org (English site), for more information about finding out if a book is out of copyright.

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