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Kanagram Versión 0.2
© 2005-2022 Joshua Keel

Kanagram se distribuye bajo los términos de la Licencia Pública General (GPL) de GNU, versión 2.
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Kanagram is a replacement for KMessedWords, and is new in KDE 3.5. Kanagram mixes up the letters of a word (creating an anagram), and you have to guess what the mixed up word is. Kanagram features several built-in word lists, hints, and a cheat feature which reveals the original word. Kanagram also has a vocabulary editor, so you can make your own vocabularies, and distribute them through Kanagram's KNewStuff download service.


Kanagram is in need of translators to translate English vocabularies to other languages. To help out with this effort, it is necessary to get the English vocabulary files (in kanagram/data/en/filename.kvtml). All that is necessary is to translate one or more of these files into your own language, and send them to the KDE translation team that translates your language.

Tutorial Make a list of new words (Kanagram 3.5)
pdf tutorial
odf tutorial