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KHangMan Version 2.0
© 2001-2023 Anne-Marie Mahfouf


KHangMan is the classical hangman game. The child should guess a word letter by letter. At each miss, the picture of a hangman appears. After 10 tries, if the word is not guessed, the game is over and the answer is displayed.

Hint A hint can be shown to help you guess the word.

New Stuff You can use the game to improve your vocabulary in other languages. The words are nouns and available in several languages at the moment including English US, Bulgarian, Catalan, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, British English, Spanish, Estonian, Finnish, French, Irish (Gaelic), Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian (Bokmål), Dutch, Norwegian (Nynorsk), Occitan, Punjabi, Polish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Serbian, Slovak, Swedish, Tajik, Turkish and Ukrainian. The program will detect which languages are present and enable them. You will also be able to easily download other languages via the Get New Stuff dialog (3 clicks and your data will be installed).

There are at least 4 categories per language: easy, medium, hard and animals which contains only animals nouns. But you can add your own file in the $KDEDIR/share/apps/kvtml/language_code folder or locally in $KDEHOME/share/apps/kvtml/language_code folder and the program will detect it and add it in the categories drop down box.
KHangMan uses the same file format than Kanagram and shares its files with this program. You can therefore have a lot of files in the Categories menu of KHangMan!

Tutorial Make a list of new words (KHangMan 3.5)
pdf tutorial
odf tutorial

If you would like to contribute to data in your own language for KDE 4, you can now do so very easily. Please see the Add new language page here for more details.
For KDE 3 data contribution, please look at this page.

Credits for the data in different languages are on the Languages page.

Latest News

Date Headline
March 8th, 2005 Open Usability review for KHangMan
December 2nd, 2004 SVG icon to finish for KHangMan
September 2nd, 2004 Usability report for KHangMan
May 5th, 2004 KHangMan for KDE 3.3 in cvs HEAD
March 13th, 2004 KNewStuff and Tajik language
December 22nd, 2003 Slovenian data is available on the website
December 17th, 2003 Addition of Serbian data files (both Cyrillic and Latin)
September 22nd, 2003 Hints are available in French
August 31st, 2003 A new toolbar with special characters per language
August 15th, 2003 Catalan data files and bug fixes

Author: Anne-Marie Mahfouf
Last update: 2020-03-24

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