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Download Kig

Download Kig

Since Kig has been included in the kdeedu module since KDE 3.2, it is no longer released separately.
You should download the kdeedu package from a KDE mirror. Moreover, because Kig is part of KDE, packages will most likely be available from your distribution.

Franco Pasquarelli made available an unofficial RPM of the most recent version of Kig, which you can find here. Thanks Franco :)

Compiling Kig from SVN

First of all, you should be aware of the current SVN version is the place where development occurs, and sometimes, it may crash, or mess up data like macros you have created, or files you try to open or save to. Generally, this shouldn't happen, but I can't guarantee it won't.

In order to compile Kig form SVN, you should do the following steps: