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Macro Repository

Since Kig can import and use third-part macros as built-in objects, it can have new objects, being more and more powerful.

This page is meant as a repository for macros you can use in Kig.
If you have an interesting or nice macro you want to share with the world, don't hesitate to contact the Kig authors.

To download a macro, just click on the correspondent Kig icon.

If you don't know how to import a macro, please read the FAQ.

# of
Name Description Author License File
1 cirkel A circle BTP constructed using the circle BCP Dominique Devriese GPL circleBTP_by_circleBCP.kigt
1 ConicByLocus A conic constructed as a locus Dominique Devriese GPL conic_by_locus.kigt
1 ConicCenter The center of a conic Dominique Devriese GPL ConicCenter.kigt
1 LineConicMainAxis The main axis of a conic Dominique Devriese GPL LineConicMainAxis.kigt
1 LineConicSecondAxis The secondary axis of a conic Dominique Devriese GPL LineConicSecondAxis.kigt
1 Translatie Mirror a point using the translation Dominique Devriese GPL mirrorpoint_by_translationpoint.kigt
  1. Baricenter
  2. Circumcenter
  3. Gauss Segment
  4. Incenter
  5. Inscribed circle
  6. Ortocenter
  1. Baricenter of a triangle, given the vertices
  2. Circumcenter of a triangle, given the vertices
  3. Gauss Segment of a triangle, given the vertices
  4. Incenter of a triangle, given the vertices
  5. Inscribed circle on a triangle, given the vertices
  6. Ortocenter of a triangle, given the vertices
Noel Torres Public Domain triangle_centers.kigt
2 star5 - star5b Two different ways to construct a star. Maurizio Paolini GPL starswith5points.kigt
  1. TropicalLine1pt
  2. TropicalLine2pt
  3. TropicalLineLineIntersection
  4. TropicalConic
  1. a tropical line constructed using its centre point
  2. The stable tropical line passing through two points
  3. The stable intersection of two tropical lines, to select a tropical line, select its centre point
  4. Stable Conic Passing through 5 points
Python script These macros require a Kig version with the Python script.
Luis Felipe Tabera
<lftabera AT yahoo DOT es>
GPL tropical_geometry.kigt

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