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Version 3.5.1
© 2001-2023 the KStars Team

KStars is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL), Version 2.
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GSoC, SoCiS, SoK students

A listing of our Google Summer of Code, ESA SoCiS, and Season of KDE students:

  • Artem Fedoskin (GSoC 2016): KStars Lite
  • Cojocaru Raphael (GSoC 2016): KStars on Windows
  • Akarsh Simha (GSoC 2008): 100 million stars
  • Prakash Mohan (GSoC 2009): Observation planner
  • Victor Cărbune (GSoC 2010): SQLite Database for Objects
  • Henry de Valence (GSoC 2010): OpenGL rendering backend
  • Rafał Kułaga (GSoC 2011): Professional finder chart printing
  • Samikshan Bairagya (SoK 2011): Making KStars more suitable for a scientifically inclined user
  • Łukasz Jaśkiewicz (ESA SoCiS 2011): Making KStars more useful for beginners

A round of applause for our successful Google Code-in students!

These pre-university students contributed to KStars as a part of Google Code-in 2010.

  • Cezar Mocan
  • Ana-Maria Constantin
  • Carl Gao
  • Valery Kharitonov
  • Diego Luca Candido
  • Kristian Ivanov

Thanks for the patches and testing!

  • Laurent Montel
  • Eckhart Wörner
  • Burkhard Lück
  • Nico Dietrich
  • James Cameron
  • Ralf Habacker
  • Daniel Holler
  • Patrick Spendrin
  • Nuno Pinheiro
  • Andrew Buck
  • Patrice Levesque
  • Douglas Phillipson
  • Andrey Cherepanov
  • Vipul Kumar Singh
  • Jain Basil Aliyas
  • Jeamy Lee
  • Sivaramakrishnan S
  • Adhiraj Alai
  • Lukas Middendorf
  • Sruthi Devi
  • Keith Rusler
  • Frederik Gladhorn
  • Keerthi Kiran
  • Jure Repinc
  • Aditya Bhatt
  • Alessio Sangalli

And everyone else who helped us by filing those bug reports, popularizing our software...

Join Us!

Interested in KStars? Found KStars useful? Come by our mailing list and share your suggestions, and tell us what you liked / what you did not like. Any feedback and help will be appreciated.

If you know how to program, you're welcome to join our developer team! Get started by building KStars from source. Most developer discussion happens on our mailing list or issue tracker, so if you need help, that's a good place to ask. KStars is written in C++ using Qt and KDE libraries.

If you are an astronomy enthusiast, there is our AstroInfo project. We could also use help writing documentation and translating. Even bug reports and feature requests are a big help, so keep them coming!

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