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KStars supports a large number of astronomical instruments provided by the INDI Library. This includes telescopes, CCDs, focusers, filters, domes, spectrometers, and auxliary devices. Using KStars native INDI support means you have complete control over your instruments under Linux. In addition to astronomical devices support, KStars provides Ekos, a complete tool for astrophotography. With Ekos, you can align and guide your telescope, focus your CCD, and capture images using an easy intuitive interface. Furthermore, KStars FITSViewer tool provides a simple viewer for FITS images that is capable of detecting stars and applying various filters to aid you in your astrophtography decisions. Those features make KStars/INDI a very attractive choice for amateur and professional astronomers.

Latest News

Date Headline
September 9th, 2012 Autoguiding in KStars
August 21, 2012 New filters in FITSViewer
August 20, 2012 Autofocus support!


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