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Filter wheels supported under KStars



Filter SelectionKStars supports a large number of astronomical instruments provided by the INDI Library. By default, KStars ships drivers for Trutech filter wheel and filter simulator. Other filter wheel drivers are shipped separately as 3rd party INDI drivers. Binary packages for these drivers are available for several distributions, including Ubuntu. Please check INDI website for download details. Filter wheel may be either directly controlled from INDI Control Panel, or from Ekos Capture module as illustrated in the figure. Some filter driver do no support assigning names to each filter slot (e.g. Slot 0 Red, Slot 1 Blue..etc). Nevertheless, you can assign designated names to each filter wheel slot in KStars options.

Filter Wheels

The following is a list of filter wheels supported under KStars:

Manufaturer Model Image Driver Support Status
Quantum Scientific Imaging (QSI) All models indi_qsi_ccd
Santa Barbra Instruments Group (SBIG) All models indi_sbig_ccd
Starlight Xpress All models indi_sx_wheel
TruTechnology All models indi_trutech_wheel



How can I download driver for my filter wheel?

You can either:

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