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Focusers supported under KStars



Focus SimulatorKStars supports a large number of astronomical instruments provided by the INDI Library. By default, KStars ships the Meade, RoboFocus, Optec TCF-S, and focuser simulator drivers. Other focuser drivers are shipped separately as 3rd party INDI drivers. Binary packages for these drivers are available for several distributions, including Ubuntu. Please check INDI website for download details. Some focusers support absolute positioning, which makes them very useful for automatic focusing application. Autofocus is still possible with relative or focusers without positional feedback as the optimal focus point is determined by calculating the Half-Flux-Radius (HFR) of stars within an image. Using KStars Ekos tool, you can control the focuser in manual and automatic modes. The image must have a suffuciently good signal to noise ratio in order for KStars to detect stars and calculate their respective HFR.


The following is a list of Focusers supported under KStars:

Manufaturer Model Image Driver Support Status
Technical Innovations RoboFocus indi_robo_focus
Optec TCF-S indi_tcfs_focus, indi_tcfs3_focus
Finger Lakes Instruments Precision Digital Focuser indi_fli_focus
Meade LX200GPS Microfocuser & 1206 Primary Mirror Focuser indi_lx200autostar
JMI NGF Series & MOTOFOCUS indi_lx200autostar



How can I download driver for my Focuser?

You can either:

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