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KStars SVN Snapshots

We make periodic snapshot releases of KStars, in case you do not want to get the SVN sources in the usual way.

Please note: These are unstable releases, fresh from SVN. We have not done our usual careful vetting against bugs for these releases. That said, we usually keep SVN in good order, and by running recent SVN code, you can help us find and resolve issues. So have fun!

You can verify the integrity of the file with the associated GPG signature, or MD5 sum. Just use gpg --verify <filename>.sig <filename> for the GPG signature. For the MD5 sum, type md5sum <filename>, and compare the result to the value in the <filename>.md5 file.

--=> SVN snapshots <=--

Jason Harris
kstars At 30doradus DOT org

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