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KTouch KDE 4 - Keyboard Layouts

Keyboard layouts in KTouch

KTouch comes with a number of pre-installed keyboard. You can simply select a keyboard from the list in the main menu that matches your own keyboard layout. If you can't find a matching keyboard layout, try one in the list below or create your own keyboard layout.

Contributed keyboard layouts

The keyboard layouts provided below were created by users of KTouch. We provide them without further checking or testing, so please direct all questions to the respective authors.

 How to port an old .keyboard file to a new .keyboard.xml one

  • File menu, Edit Keyboard Layout...
  • Choose "Open a keyboard file:"
    If you have kde4 sources, look in the kdeedu/ktouch/keyboards folder and get a .keyboard file. If not, get a .keyboard file from websvn.
    The .keyboard.xml files are the ones already converted. See ktouch1.png
  • The keyboard editor will display the layout. First change the Keyboard title (top left) and write the name of the Language in the Keyboard Identification Data area
  • Those keys are the fingers keys ktouch4.png, all keys should be associated with one of these.
  • Presumably you will improve an old .keyboard file so click on each key and check if the information for it is right.
  • Let's say we want to add the Euro symbol on the E key on the French Swiss layout. Click on the E key in the editor, it gets highlighted in blue. The Key Properties dialog has the different symbols on the current key. The € symbol is bottom right so ket's add it there.
  • Now you have to specify how the Euro symbol is accessed from the key (E key + Alt Gr). This is done in the Key connectors section, see ktouch7.png. Type € in the character field then click on "Modifier Key", choose Alt-Gr in the displayed keyboard then click Add/update connector. The new connector appears in the connector table.
  • Save your keyboard layout using the Save Keyboard As option, see ktouch5.png
  • If you have commit access you can commit it. Otherwise please send the file to me.

More explanations on this mail.

Last update: 2020-03-24

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