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KTurtle Version 0.8
© 2003-2022 Cies Breijs

KTurtle est distribué sous les termes de la licence GNU General Public License (GPL), Version 2.


KTurtle is an educational programming environment for the KDE Desktop. KTurtle aims to make programming as easy and touchable as possible, and therefore can be used to teach kids the basics of math, geometry and... programming.

The programming language used in KTurtle is loosely based on Logo. KTurtle allows, just like some implementations of Logo, to translate the programming language (the commands, the documentation and the error messages) to the native language of the programmer. For more information on translating KTurtle please read the translation how to. Translating the programming language to the native language of the programmer is one of the many ways KTurtle tries to make learning to programming more simple. Other features to help to achieve this goal are: intuitive syntax highlighting, simple error messages, integrated canvas to make drawings on, integrated help function, slow-motion or step execution, and more.

Current Development

The next release of KDE will be KDE 4.4, this release is currently in development. KTurtle follows the KDE release cycle, the next release of KTurtle will be part of KDE4.4. The KDE 4 release is a full rewrite of the 'old' KTurtle as it shipped with KDE 3.x. All current development effort is put into this next release of KTurtle.

A lot of things changed in this version of KTurtle in KDE 4. For instance the syntax of the KTurtle programming language changed: most old programs will not run. Also the way KTurtle is translated changed. All these changes are made to set straight mistakes that were made in the previous release, right now the KTurtle version that is in development will almost certainly grow into a 1.0 release.

To build the development version of KTurtle have a look at the obtain page.

There is also a KTurtle google group to discuss current KTurtle development issues.

Dernières nouvelles

Date Titre
October 17th, 2007 German Logo example files
October 1st, 2006 Now fully translatable by PO-files
September 24th, 2006 KTurtle google group launched
September 22th, 2006 Rewritten KTurtle back in the trunk
January 15th, 2006 KTurtle removed from the KDE trunk
September 14th, 2004 KTurtle won 3rd prize in Dutch Educational contest
May 26th, 2004 KTurtle is part of the kdeedu module
February 19th, 2004 The Turtle will be at FOSDEM
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Some screenshots to give you an idea of the possibilities of KTurtle: