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Languages Since KDE
Kanagram Kanagram is an anagram game. 3.5
KHangMan KHangMan is the classical hangman game. 3.0
Kiten Kiten is a Japanese reference/learning tool. 3.1
KLettres KLettres aims to help to learn the alphabet and then to read some syllables in different languages. 3.0
KWordQuiz KWordQuiz is a tool that gives you a powerful way to master new vocabularies. It replaces FlashKard since KDE 3.3. 3.3
Parley Parley is a vocabulary trainer. It has some pretty advanced features and is nice to use. It is the successor of KVocTrain. 4.0

Discontinued in KDE 4.0 Since KDE
KLatin KLatin was dropped in KDE 4.0 as it had no maintainer anymore. -
KVocTrain KVoctrain became Parley for KDE 4.0. -

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