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Marble Version 0.10.3
© 2005-2019 The Marble Project

Marble is distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL), Version 2.
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Change The World? Together, I like our odds.

The Marble Team would like to thank its members who participated in the Google Summer of Code for their successful work on Marble:

Google Summer of Code 2011

Konstantin Oblaukhov oblaukhov dot konstantin at gmail dot com
Project: OpenStreetMap Vector Rendering

Daniel Marth danielmarth at gmx dot at
Project: Marble Touch on MeeGo

Google Summer of Code 2010

Gaurav Gupta 1989 dot gaurav at gmail dot com
Project: Bookmarks

Harshit Jain hjain dot itbhu at gmail dot com
Project: Time Support

Siddharth Srivastava akssps011 at gmail dot com
Project: Turn-by-turn Navigation

Google Summer of Code 2009

Bastian Holst bastianholst AT gmx DOT de
Project: Weather Plugin for Marble

Andrew Manson g.real.ate AT gmail DOT com
Project: OpenStreetmap Annotations for Marble

Google Summer of Code 2008

Patrick Spendrin patrick_spendrin AT gmx DOT de
Project: Vector Tiles for Marble

Shashank Singh shashank.personal AT gmail DOT com
Project: Panoramio support for Marble

Google Summer of Code 2007

Carlos Licea carlos.licea AT kdemail DOT net
Project: Equirectangular Projection ("Flat Map")

Andrew Manson g.real.ate AT gmail DOT com
Project: GPS Support for Marble

Murad Tagirov tmurad AT gmail DOT com
Project: KML Support for Marble

... and of course we'd like to thank the people at Google Inc. for making these projects possible.


Development & Patches: Simon Schmeisser, Claudiu Covaci, Jan Becker, Pino Toscano, Stefan Asserhäll, Laurent Montel, Prashanth Udupa, Anne-Marie Mahfouf, Josef Spillner, Frerich Raabe, Frederik Gladhorn, Fredrik Höglund, Albert Astals Cid, Thomas Zander, Joseph Wenninger, Kris Thomsen, Daniel Molkentin

Platforms & Distributions: Tim Sutton, Christian Ehrlicher, Ralf Habacker, Steffen Joeris, Marcus Czeslinski, Marcus D. Hanwell, Chitlesh Goorah.

Artwork: Nuno Pinheiro, Torsten Rahn


Various Suggestions & Testing: Stefan Jordan, Robert Scott, Lubos Petrovic, Benoit Sigoure, Martin Konold, Matthias Welwarsky, Rainer Endres, Luis Silva, Ralf Gesellensetter, Tim Alder

Editing: Dawn Hardaker

We'd especially like to thank John Layt who provided an important source of inspiration by creating Marble's predecessor "Kartographer".

Last update: 2019-10-10

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