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Commercial Support

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Marble has got an outstanding community: on our mailing lists and IRC channels we try to answer all questions and try to help everybody voluntarily.

However there might be critical projects and situations where you might want to rely on commercial support:

Commercial Support for Marble

  • You'd like to have Marble extended with some custom feature? And you need it quickly in time?
  • You want to develop a custom app based on Marble and you need development support?
  • You'd like to get Qt and Marble programming training?

There are several companies who provide commercial support for Marble. Here's a list of companies which provide commercial support for Marble and which have a track-record for Marble development:

Company logo Name/Website Contact Support options
basysKom GmbH info@basyskom.de Custom Marble solutions, training
c-xx.com / Hoffmann Information Services GmbH mail@c-xx.com Custom Marble solutions, training

Companies who are providing support for Marble are encouraged to contribute back to the Marble Project if possible. This helps Marble to stay a competitive solution. And it helps to build further projects on top.

If your company offers commercial support for Marble and if you'd like your company name added to this page please contact marble-devel@kde.org.

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