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March 24th, 2008: New Parley features for KDE 4.1 taking shape

Parley gets a plasmoid (desktop applet) in the form of a flash card that shows your vocabulary.
Parley Plasmoid To see the translation simply move with the mouse over it!

After the first public release of Parley with KDE 4.0, the upcomming version 4.1 benefits from much user feedback and many bug reports.

Parley 4.1 comes with a redesigned main window that will speed up editing vocabulary and also has a nice list of new features, including the possiblity to create sublessons in any lesson to provide better organization. Word types are now completely editable and can be assigned by dragging words onto them. Work to get good synonym support is on its way.

January 20th, 2008: MobVoc - Vocabulary on Mobile devices project started

A project written in Java has been started to allow the use of Parley (and kvtml2 in general) vocabulary files on mobile devices such as phones! It is hosted at sourceforge: MobVoc

November 21th, 2007: Parley website refresh

Finally after quite some time the Parley page got a refresh. Some suggestions to get involved in Parley, not only as developer were added. Have a look and join in on the fun!

September 30th, 2007: Parley in color! Images for all practices.

As you can see on the updated screenshot page image support was added to the practice dialogs of Parley. Edit a word and set its image on the advanced page and whenever that word is practiced you are also shown the image. And I was surprised, how much fun it is to have images to look at while practicing!

September 19th, 2007: Parley dev interviewed

Read an interview with Parley developer Frederik Gladhorn on blue-gnu.biz.

September 19th, 2007: Parley online

Parley is the successor of KVocTrain and finally gets a web site on edu.kde.org: Parley
Parley lets you practice vocabulary or helps to memorize other things. It has been improved quite a bit concerning usablility, so give it a shot!

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