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Step GSoC project

This section is dedicated for tracking the state of the Step GSoC project. The project consists of implementing the following features:

  1. Simulation (StepCore library)
    1. [done] Global error estimation
      • allows to calculate total error for each dynamic variable for the whole simulation time
      • allows to set initial conditions with errors and see how error will propagate
    2. [done] Molecular dynamics
      • 2d fluid and gas
      • evaporation, Brownian motion
      • allows to demonstrate relations between macro- and microscopic quantities in gas and fluid
    3. [done] Soft bodies and massive springs
      • deformable bodies
      • sound waves in bodies
  2. GUI (Step itself)
    1. [done] Threading
      • keep GUI responsible while performing long calculations
      • allows to abort long calculations
    2. [done] Units for all quantities, unit conversions
      • users will know in what units quantities are displayed
      • allows to enter values in various units
      • underlying conversion library will be shared in libkdeedu and available for use in other parts of the module
    3. [done] Custom graphics for various quantities
      • allows to create various useful graphics, for example phase diagram for oscillator
      • graphics are very important for education since they can visually demonstrate complex relations between quantities
    4. [done] Custom controllers to control body (force, solver) parameters during simulation
      • various properties will be easily controllable when running simulation
    5. [done] User-editable notes in experiment
      • allows users to annotate experiment
      • teachers can add explanations for students
    6. [done] Sidebar with nice descriptions and articles from wikipedia for all body (force, solver) types
      • users can easily find common formulas about objects
      • users can easily access information they require to learn more about objects
    7. [done] Knewstuff2 for sharing experiments
      • users can easily download new experiments and share their own
  3. Polishing
    1. [70% done] Step will be prepared for inclusion in the kdeedu just after SoC
  4. I will also implement the following features before SoC coding period begins (so technically they are not parts of SoC):
    1. [60% done] Collision handling with friction
    2. [10% done] Movement constraints (joints)
    3. [not started] Motors

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