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KLettres is a tool that helps associate spoken letters and syllables with their written representation. It's suited for young or for adults who want to learn their letters or a foreign language. The program offers a simple game with different grade of difficulty, user have to insert letters inside the input box and if it's correct the program will assign a new word, otherwise it will repeat the word. There are also various theme for the interface like Kid, Desert and Savannah and various levels of difficulty for training. You can also dowloand new alphabets from the internet and learn new words.There are twenty languages available at the moment: Arabic, Czech, Brazilian Portuguese, British English, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Kannada, Low Saxon, Luganda, Malayalam, Romanized Hindi, Spanish, Slovak and Telugu.


Kanagram is a game consisting of solving anagrams of words. You can choose the difficulty and ask for hints or solution. You can choose from a large dictionary of words, download or create new dictionaries and add new words.


KHangMan is the game of hangman proposed on the KDE desktop. The goal of game is to find the hidden word by inputting new characters. If the character is correct it will be placed in the word at the proper position(s), if it isn't correct it will build the hanging of the man. It permits you to choose the words by category, language and gui theme between desert or sea. You can download new words dictionary from the internet directly from the application.


Parley is a vocabulary trainer aiming to help people to learn new words or expressions from languages. You can create your own collection of words or download new ones from the internet. Parley uses the method of flash cards / quizzes to teach you new words and helps with hints. After the session training you can see the mistakes you made, the correct words you gave and the not answered words.


KWordQuiz is a tool that gives you a powerful way to create quizzes suitable for all situations. You can create simply a vocabulary by typing the word in one of the two columns and its meaning in the other one. You can also create flashcards, multiple choice quiz or question and answer text based on the columns in editor.


Kiten is a Japanese language reference tool. You can translate words from English to Japanese or from Japanese to English. There is also a Kanji dictionary that helps you to look up specific characters. With Kiten you can a do a different grade of searching like Regular Searching, Radical Searching, Grade Searching or Stroke Searching. You can also load your dictionary and starting using it directly from program.



KBruch is a program to learn fractions and integer operations. You can choose to learn gradually or to do exercises. You can have a visual feedback of what fractions means through the program and you can decide what kind of exercise you want to do by operations and number of terms.


Kig is an educational instrument for geometry. It allows you to create points, lines, segments, circles by point orb y radius, ellipsis, hyperbolae, parabolae and other complex figures. You can also graph functions like reflect, translate, searching for analogies or similitudy. The worksheet is dynamic and permits to zoom in or out and select the area to be shown.You can also define macros to speed up the work. The program itself also has an browsable history, so you can see what you've done and undo it.


KAlgebra is a mathematical tool to calculate and evaluate functions. It can evaluate functions or can display them on a 2D or 3D graph. It also has a dictionary of built-in functions ready to use. You can define new functions and create new library by saving the older session. 2D graphs and 3D graphs have various options like zoom in graph or rotation.


KmPlot is a program that helps one to visualize the function on cartesian graphs. It plots the function on the graphs between a maximum or a minimum limit, the derivates of function, up to the second one, and its integral, between an interval. There are also some tools like the calculator, which helps to solve formulas, the plot area, which permits to plot the area of a graph, and the finding of maximum and minimum in the function. You can colorize the graphs, zoom in or out the plane and export it as image to an external file.



KGeography allows you to open world maps and explore them. You can see the regions which form them and also you can obtain information about the capitals and flags. In the sidebar there are various buttons that offer test about various subject like capitals or to place the right region in proper space.


KTurtle is an education programming environment that aims to make learning how to program as easy as possible. The program shows a simple programming workbench where kids can write programs to control a turtle inside on a canvas. The programming language used is TurtleScript which is a simple programming language but not powerless. You can control the flow of program selecting the speed of execution and running, stopping or aborting it. The program includes also an inspector to inspect the variables and the functions of programs and also a tree to see a tree view of program. The program is equipped with ready-to-use examples and the ability to save program to an external file.


Blinken is a game where the user has to remember the correct sequence of colors as they blinked. There are different levels of difficulty and user can choose among them. If user remembers exactly the first sequence, he will pass to a new sequence where a new color is added. When he fails to pass, the whole game restarts. The goal of game is to get the highest score.


KTouch is an educational program to learn to type without looking at the keyboard. It offers a huge selection of lectures to learn and a statistics of lecture about errors about typing, speed of typing and characters you need to focus most on. It offers also a graphs of statistics between session about words, characters, correctness and skills. While typing you can see a virtual keyboard on the bottom showing the keys you are pressing and the keys you should press. It is suitable for kids who want to learn how to type correctly on the PC or to people who want to learn how to type quicker and better.



Kalzium is a powerful software that offers a periodic table of elements and related instruments. It shows the electrons disposition around the nucleus, the isotopes or the spectrum of elements among with extra information. Additional instruments are offered to plot or calculate data to solve chemical equations. It can show the behaviour of elements at some conditions, like high or lower temperature, the state of matter or the pratical use of them.


Marble is a world atlas. You can explore the Earth or the Moon, and by selecting a the city from the sidebar, information about city, the type of globe projection, using gps for the current location and find routing from one place to another one. You can download new Maps or Region and export a map to a file, you can also use online services like wikipedia, Photos, or Weather.


KStars is a desktop planetarium for KDE. It offers an interactive sky planetarium with all stars, asteroids, planets, constellation, milky way and deep sky objects. The scene is zoomable and you can see a representation of object if you zoom in enough. You can set how the time flow in the scene and trace the trajectory of celestial bodies. There are a lot of facilities to take the measure you need like positioning to Zenith, North, South, West or East, tracking of objects or setting up of a telescope on the earth to see the visible things from the set position. You can also do mathematical operation with built-in calculator for time or space, observation about sky, Jupiter's moon, solar system, altitude vs time of objects. You can create and download from internet new scripts to be executed automatically and save your sky image to a file.


Step is an interactive physical simulator for KDE. It helps you to discover physical world and the laws inside it through a simulator. You have a workspace where you can create new objects, then you define their properties and press the simulate button to play the simulation and see the evolution of your system. You can download, save and share examples on the internet.


Rocs aims to be a Graph Theory IDE for helping professors to show the results of a graph algorithm and also helping students to do the algorithms. Rocs includes a script module to create new scripts in QtScript among with the debugger and an editor. You can create new nodes in the worksheet and edges between them, setting the color of them and their values.


Cantor is a mathematical frontend to well known Math applications: Sage, Maxima, R and KAlgebra. It uses those backends to create a powerful workbench with extra instruments. It is integrated into the KDE Platform and offers styling text and formulas that can be integrated in a powerful and complete worksheet.


Authors: Diego Candido from 2010 GCI and Stephanie Whiting
Last update: 2020-03-24

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